We Are Available For Hire

  We are a band which plays mainly traditional Celtic music. Rather than become just another Irish band, we decided, early on, to vary our repertoire and differentiate ourselves from other bands in the area. We have a lot of talent and enthusiasm and this shows through in our performances. We play reels, jigs, hornpipes, polkas and airs and even add vocals to the mix. Not all of our songs are sung in English - some are sung in Welsh.
  We play a variety of instruments, among them the hammered dulcimer, flute, tin-whistle, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, English concertina, button accordion, bodhran and spoons.
  We have a lot of experience of playing at festivals, private parties, pubs, weddings etc. and can tailor our music program to suit your needs. We can easily play for 3 hours without repeating any of our material although our standard set is about an hour long.
In 2004 we brought out our debut CD, "Drop By Drop".
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